Altrad Adyard
Health, Safety & Environment

Effective Delivery Starts with Safety

Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC’s collective mission is to eradicate every incident, occupational diseases, and harmful work practice. We think that our job should never be so urgent or critical that we cannot take the time to complete it safely and responsibly. Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC’s services are based on safety compliance and quality work execution. Our ALSA – Altrad Life Saving Actions govern the behavior of Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC staff and contractors.

Safety is our number one priority. Significant effort is placed on progressively implementing measures to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of our workforce.

Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC’s management regards the occupational health and safety of our workers and other interested parties as critical to attaining business performance. Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC, an ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 certified company, is dedicated to:

·       Adyard’s corporate strategy and management culture are founded on the principles of occupational, health, and safety (OH&S).

·       Providing mechanisms for continuously enhancing Occupational, Health, and Safety across all Adyard activities.

·       Applying OH&S management systems to avoid or reduce injuries and occupational health hazards inside the core company.

·       Maintaining compliance with state laws and regulations; collaborating with authorities to guarantee compliance with relevant legislation.

·       Assuring that Adyard’s contractors and suppliers are dedicated to OH&S standards and display such commitment in all of their actions.

·       Non-conformances and unplanned events must be recorded at all levels and used to ensure that suitable and efficient work procedures are created.

·       Making OH&S excellence a personal and managerial responsibility.

·       Providing appropriate training and a safe working environment to ensure that work activities adhere to established procedures and practices.

·       Reviewing this policy to ensure that it is still applicable, that it is fully understood by our workers, and that it is always available to interested parties and/or the general public.


Our aim is to provide a balanced scorecard of health and safety performance with increased measurement of the proactive health and safety action taken. We conduct all our activities in a manner which complies with the law and regulations of the land we operate, as well as to internationally recognized standards.


Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC is steadfast in its pursuit of excellence in Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) performance. We chose to be HSE compliant because we want to.


Sustainability is an important and integral part of our business. We focused on the impact we make, both to society and the environment. It helps us to be a better business, making a positive difference for our colleagues, customers and communities. Our sustainability plan is integrated into our business plans, reflecting its central role in governing what we do and how we do it.