Our Clients

Customer satisfaction through product leadership, innovation, operational excellence and value creation.

Our motto has always been to offer the products necessary to professionals, industrial operators, service providers, craftsmen, public authorities and administrations. Our strengths are founded upon:

Customer care and proximity: Altrad teams are active on all five continents, but our main strength lies in our dense territorial network: dozens of agencies and partners in every country, with specific technical and sales teams whose geographic organisation guarantees a close relationship.

Product expertise: our teams are trained in our products and the innovations involved to facilitate their use by our customers. This expertise enables us to advise our customers during their decision processes and to inform them of all innovations.

Assistance and transparency based on innovation: we implement operating software and IT tools of our own design, notably on scaffolding deployment, to ensure optimal sharing of information and, most importantly, the transparency of all our operations, thereby enhancing the trust of our customers.