Adyard comply with the relevant codes, requirements, regulations and standards within the industry.

  • ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System certification
  • ISO 17025:2005 - QMS certification for calibration laboratory
  • ASME U (pressure vessels)
  • National Board - NB (repair of pressure retaining equipment) & R (metallic repairs)
  • API 2B (steel pipe fabrication)

Adyard is NQA1 compliant for maintenance service for valves, pumps and motors to the nuclear power industry.

Our operations are built on a commitment to our values and vision outcomes. It is our response to the mounting environmental issues, social challenges and economic pressures that are rapidly changing the business landscape and redefining what is required for companies to be successful. This is our action plan and a way to manage risks and increase opportunities for profitable growth.


Safety is our number one priority. Significant effort and dedicated resources coupled with an unwavering commitment by the senior management ensures the safety and wellbeing of our people. Adyard does safety better through the following;

  • Compulsory HSE Induction training, verification of competency and training delivered in house
  • Regular HSE Performance Management and Senior Management inspections and QHSE Review Board
  • Continuous risk assessment and established permit to work system
  • Quarterly QHSE campaigns and Education programs
  • QHSE Observation and Near Miss Reporting
  • Behavioural Based Safety Program
  • Just Culture
Douglas OHI Worker
Douglas OHI Worker


Our aim is to provide a balanced scorecard of health and safety performance with increased measurement of proactive health and safety actions taken. We conduct all our activities in a manner which complies with the law and regulations of the land we operate, as well as to internationally recognized standards.


Sustainability is an important and integral part of our business. We focus on the impact we make, both to society and the environment. It helps us to be a better business, making a positive difference for our colleagues, customers and communities. Our sustainability plan is integrated into our business plans, reflecting its central role in governing what we do and how we do it.