Maintenance, Modifications & Operations

Intelligent Maintenance Services

Adyard delivers innovative solutions to demanding market sectors and fields. Through the entire asset lifecycle, from the build phase, all the way to extension of life and decommissioning projects, our teams ensure that our clients’ facilities are safe, reliable and efficient.

A complete one stop shop maintenance solution for Valves, Pumps, Electrical Motors, Instrumentation control systems and Facilities Maintenance, supported by our extensive workshop facilities based in Mussafah in Abu Dhabi.

Operations and Maintenance Services

Intelligent Maintenance Services

   Valve Overhauling – Control/PSV/Manual Valve

   Valve Overhauling – Control/PSV/Manual Valve    

   Motor Overhauling ( LV/HV/MV )

   Generator Overhauling

   HV Switch Gears (up to 11KV and above 11 KV)

   Transformers Overhauling

   Onsite Management of Motor, Generator, Lights, Switch Gears, Instrument     & Gauge Calibration Works

   Pump overhauling (Multistage/Hydraulic/Centrifugal)

   Compressor Overhauling

   Overlay works ( Exotic/Flange/Ball)

   Hot Tapping Works

   Flange Machining Works(Insitu and Workshop)

   Nut Splitting Works

   Cold Cutting Works

   Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning Works

   Heater Tube Replacement/Tube expansion Works

   Pig launcher manufacturing and repairing works