Whether onshore or offshore 
Altrad Adyard
your trusted partner

Adyard  is capable of executing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects predominantly Onshore (Green & Brownfield) and Offshore (Brownfield). 

Our strength includes:-

.   Onshore – tanks and terminals, pipeline, flowline and well-head hook-ups, greenfield and brownfield EPC projects.

.   Offshore – brownfield projects, pre-commissioning, commissioning, support services.

.  Multi-discipline engineering capability support

.   Proven track record on Onshore, Offshore and Tank Farms.

.   Long term partner with ADNOC for Brownfield Modification and Upgrade.

.   Well Experienced in Multi disciplines – Structural, Mechanical, piping and E&I Works.

.   Largest Single-Phase Contract in Fujairah to Date.

Experience in EPC Projects

The Ongoing Projects

Successfully running EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects requires meticulous planning and execution.

Firstly, we have a comprehensive project management plan, outlining clear objectives, timelines, resource allocation, and risk mitigation strategies.

Secondly, regular and transparent communication channels established to facilitate information sharing, issue resolution, and decision-making. This helps in minimizing misunderstandings, delays, and cost overruns.

Thirdly, rigorous project monitoring and control mechanisms implemented. Regular progress assessments, quality and safety inspections, and cost tracking enable proactive identification of potential issues and deviations from the plan.

Fourthly, a competent and experienced project team is essential. Skilled professionals, including engineers, procurement specialists, and construction managers, should be carefully selected and assigned to their respective roles.

Lastly, an emphasis on continuous improvement is crucial. Lessons learned from previous projects should be documented and applied to future endeavors. Feedback from clients, contractors, and other stakeholders should be actively sought and used to refine processes, enhance efficiency, and deliver even better outcomes in subsequent EPC projects.

The Completed Projects

Learning lessons from experience is crucial for personal and professional growth. It allows us to avoid repeating mistakes and make better-informed decisions in the future.

One key lesson from experience is the importance of thorough planning. Taking the time to define clear goals, establish timelines, and allocate resources appropriately can significantly increase the chances of success.

Another valuable lesson is the significance of effective communication. Learning to communicate clearly, actively listen to others, and foster open and honest dialogue can enhance collaboration, mitigate risks, and improve overall project outcomes.

Experience often teaches the importance of adaptability and flexibility. Projects rarely go exactly as planned, and unexpected changes or obstacles can arise. Being adaptable and willing to adjust strategies, timelines, or resources can help navigate through challenges and ensure project success.

We valued of building strong relationships and partnerships. Collaborating with trusted suppliers, contractors, and stakeholders can streamline project execution, enhance resource availability, and create a supportive network for future endeavors.

Finally, the significance of continuous learning and improvement. Reflecting on past projects, identifying areas for growth, and seeking opportunities for professional development can lead to enhanced skills, increased efficiency, and better project outcomes over time.

In summary, experience empowered us to make informed decisions, improve processes, and achieve greater success in future endeavors.